Meet Melody Eötvös

We're really looking forward to the Victorian premiere of Melody Eötvös "Wild October Jones" at Iniquitous Creatures next Saturday! The piece was first played by our friends Kupka's Piano and is inspired by Thomas Hart Benton's painting "Wreck of Old '97". Melody describes the image as having a "very warped and animated perspective" and a "wild, untamed look" which is captured in the piece through extended techniques and shifting colours. 🚂🎶

(Bonus fact: this is a rare piece for the core Rubiks quartet! We were very excited to discover this one!)

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Meet Ned McGowan

Meet Ned McGowan, the composer responsible for the name of our next show! Ned is an American composer and flutist based in Amsterdam, and Rubiks' percussionist Kaylie was lucky enough to meet him twice last year - at Classical:NEXT in Rotterdam and again at Eighth Blackbird's Creative Lab in the US. From Kaylie:

"While at the Blackbird Lab, Iniquitous Creatures was the earworm everyone was singing all the time! It's dark and driving and funky, drawing on Ned's studies of South Indian rhythmic structures and extended techniques that make all of the instruments as percussive as possible - so it's a no-brainer that I loved this piece straight away!"

For more on Ned visit, and catch the Australian premiere of Iniquitous Creatures on March 3! 🎶

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Meet Emma O'Halloran

Congratulations to Emma O'Halloran on being announced as one of the first winners of National Sawdust's new Hildegard Competition for emerging women and non-binary composers! We're very excited to be giving the Australian premiere of Emma's work '99% Invisible' at Iniquitous Creatures, and our pianist Jacob wrote a little something about his first encounter with Emma's music:

"I first met Emma in 2013 at the Bang on a Can Summer Festival, where we were both participants. We immediately hit it off, and talked at length about her experience in writing for laptop orchestras and Irish folk musicians. Her music often blurs the lines between acoustic and electronic sources, and struck me as being simultaneously esoteric and familiar."

For more on Emma, head to! 🎶

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Meet Jessie Marino

Get to know composer Jessie Marino!

Tamara and Kaylie first came across Jessie Marino’s work ‘Rot Blau’ last year at the Eighth Blackbird Creative Lab. Jessie is an American composer/performer/media artist who has recently been exploring the ’composed theatre’ genre.

Rot Bau is a “tightly knit rhythmic duo which uses synchronised and mirrored upper body movements to create small vignettes which depict the exercises of two androids.” -Jessie Marino

It involves wigs, props, mouthpieces and a whole lot of choreography. 👩‍🎤
Check it out at Iniquitous Creatures!

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Announcing the winner of the 2017 Pythia Prize- Samantha Wolf

Rubiks are thrilled to announce that the winner of the 2017 Pythia Prize is Melbourne based female composer, Samantha Wolf. The winner was announced publicly at our event 75 Years: A Portrait of Meredith Monk. 

It’s incredibly exciting! I think it’ll be a fun challenge to create something that works as well on tour as it does at home. I’m also really proud to see how far Rubiks have come in just a few short years. Australia really does punch above its weight in the new music world, and it’s always so inspiring to see our musicians slaying it overseas. When I look at ensembles like Rubiks, I know that the future of Aussie music is in excellent hands.
— Samantha Wolf, Limelight Magazine
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