Moonfall - Metropolis New Music Festival

Rubiks were absolutely thrilled to co-present a sold out performance in the Metropolis New Festival with guest violinist Amy Brookman in May this year. As Forest Collective's ensemble in residence, Rubiks went on an adventure with loveable characters 'Odboy and Erordog' in Swedish composer Marcus Fjellström's three-episode piece for live ensemble, tape and video.  Rehearsals were certainly not immune from this adventure, as learning to balance the subtleties of the recorded electronics and live ensemble whilst perfecting every tiny cue with the visuals unveiled another world of possibilities and challenges. With audio varying from eery scientific explosions to a final theme reminiscent audibly of an ice-cream truck, it seems these little critters caught the hearts of the audience, as they certainly did ours. Rubiks is excited to be filming this work in June, which will be available to you online shortly after. Another performance of this highly intricate piece will also feature in our September concert, 'Things Are Become New'.

Rubiks Collective