The cold earth slept below

"...incredibly personal, strangely spiritual and ultimately deeply touching."
Limelight Magazin

On Sunday June 12th, Rubiks presented 'The cold earth slept below', a program inspired by the Winter Solstice exploring the themes of death and renewal in human lives and the natural world. Rubiks featured the mystical timbres of Donatoni’s sparkling 'Ave' and the Australian premieres of major works by two Pulitzer Prize winning composers: Julia Wolfe’s fiercely virtuosic 'Singing in the dead of night', and David Lang’s haunting song cycle 'death speaks'. Evoking the stillness of cold winter nights and the hopeful promise of spring, The cold earth slept below was a celebration of the fragility and resilience of life.

Tamara and Kaylie with David Lang, July 2015

Tamara and Kaylie with David Lang, July 2015

Three members of Rubiks have been lucky enough to travel to America to participate in the Bang on a Can Summer Festival, working intimately with founding directors and Pulitzer Prize winning composers, Julia Wolfe and David Lang. Without question, this program was very much inspired by their inspiring body of work, unique musical language, and ability to communicate raw emotion through sound. 

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