Meet Ted Hearne


Ted Hearne's 'Furtive Movements' for cello and drum kit is named from a phrase found in many reports from the New York City Police Department: it is the most commonly cited reason individuals are detained under the Stop and Frisk policy. Rubiks' flautist Tamara met Ted at Eighth Blackbird's Creative Lab where she played 'By-By Huey', inspired by Robert Arneson’s painting of the same name. From Tamara:

"It was such an interesting process hearing how Ted translated the image into sound. This gave me a whole new perspective on the piece. Ted has a very special ear for sound colour, always looking for very particular timbres. This was really cool to explore with him in person!"

For more on Ted, visit - and head to Iniquitous Creatures on Saturday for some excellent cello/drum kit action! 🎶

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