"★★★★1/2 Rubiks Collective achieves the impossible. the vocal quartet is living, breathing proof that new compositions can be invigorating and inspiring, not merely intellectually niche"

Review: Hush, Sydney Morning Herald

"This well attended program with its high musical and technical standards was a passionate reminder that whatever “glitches” may exist between technology and human beings, there is a need for every generation to engage in the cathartic activity of creating and performing music."

Review: Glitch, Limelight Magazine

"And while the work may have been challenging and overwhelming for some in its subject matter, it was unlikely that anybody left the Salon without being moved."

Review: Waves + Lines, Classic Melbourne

“One of Australia’s most exciting contemporary music ensembles, Rubiks Collective, is also carving its name as a champion of women’s music”

Review: 75 Years: A Portrait of Meredith Monk, CutCommon 

"★★★★☆ Rubiks Collective has made a significant case for it being one of the most exciting ensembles gracing Australia’s contemporary music stage."

Review: Second Self, Limelight Magazine

"★★★★☆ A programme of new music with emotional punch to defy the expectations of contemporary haters."

Review: The cold earth slept below, Limelight Magazine

“Cementing Itself as a fresh and important voice in contemporary music making, rubiks has once again created an accessible evening of new music without sacrificIng intelligent programming or the performance of unusual works”

Review: The cold earth slept below, CutCommon

"Rubiks did the rapt audience at the New Music Studio concert a huge service in introducing them to this original musical creator."

Review: Imaginarium, Partial Durations

"the concert showcased Rubiks’ searingly-precise ensemble skills and instrumental control. Rubiks are a formidable contribution to Australia’s growing community of contemporary music makers."

Review: things are become new, Partial Durations